Boys Are Not Boys

Art by Jarline

Boys don't cry
so he shed blood instead
hidden behind bathroom doors
and the concrete wall built with
the toxic idea of masculinity
so he drew pictures on the mirror
deppicting a world with his blood 
where his tears could make flowers grow
not tear his skin down 
where he could feel 
with no chains to restrict them 
to flow and flow and flow
as he feels them
no red lights just bright green ones
but even in his masterpiece 
he still couldn't bring himself to feel
wired to remain stoic at the face of pain 

Boys are strong
not an option
more of an obligation 
engraved with toned muscles
that he doesn't have
because strength is no longer 
continuing through the storm 
but instead benching 200 pounds of metal
it is no longer being honest 
despite the ugliness and the hurt that comes with it
but instead raining bruises on smaller on another
because strength now means 
to break bones for the sake of
hanging them up on your wall

Boys are not kind
unless they like the same sex
or are just lacking a spine, drooping over the green pasture
making it look darker than it should
because kindness does not scream manly
only screams in a high pitched voice
no one wants to listen to 
because kindness is not acceptable
unless it is to carress a girls face
while throwing her laced panties aside
to know her personally, inside out
only to become a ghost as soon as the sun appears

Because boys are not boys
but are instead super heroes
with the kryptonite of being human