Where's My Evil Prince?

Picture By: Tyler Taylor

where is he?
where is my own personal devil
dressed up in brown eyes and soft skin
where is my teenage regret?
the one who is supposed to love another girl
and break my heart into a million pieces
and still have me want him
where is my heartache?
the one that's supposed to make me feel like taking shots is the only way to get the taste of him off my mouth
the one that should make me look for him in everyone
where is my evil Prince Charming?
the one who is supposed to hurt me so good
and make me want to smoke four packs of cigarettes until I can't breathe anymore
where is my burden?
the one who consumes my mind
the one who's laugh I'm always supposed to hear
who's shirt I thought was gone but is actually under my bed and still smells like him
where is my liar?
the one who is supposed to make promises he can't keep
where is he?