Stoplights: A Love Poem

                                               -Photo by Terra Walls

They say you fall in love slowly, then all at once,
Like waiting for the light as it flickers from soft yellow to effervescent green.
Love is the shift in gears your heart makes when they look at you.
It's the rush you feel going 90 mph on the freeway with

no seat belts on because love is far from cautious.

There is no such thing as the perfect driver.
Some of us go too fast, avoiding the stop signs and speeding into a heartbreak.
Others drive too slow, too aware of what's behind them to focus on the road in front.

I've spent a lifetime hiding in the passenger seat, watching the road pass by from the window.
Too afraid to press my foot on the gas, I'd given up long before the light had changed hues.
I didn't know it took time to move from one destination to the next.
I'm learning to drive again,
Then all at once.

- Terra Walls