Stand Still

"Wrap me up in a blanket of blue serving as a backdrop for the norm of teenage suburbia consisting new faces, new places, and new experiences."

"Found in the complexity of simple things, I sit and ponder of what I can not see but can only imagine."

"Little teenage dreams floating on cloud nine, soon to be shot down by the reality that society does not cater to us but instead, we cater to them. Dressed in bow ties and black skirts with a silver platter on one hand and the other outstretched in a beggar's pose." 

"I beg to keep learning. I beg to keep experiencing. I beg to keep surviving."

"The world was not made for me, the tall skyscrapers and cracked court, painted a pretty shade of indigo, that tricks me into thinking the world is beautiful. Is it?"

"Well, maybe it was...My mother talks up a storm about it but all I can see is armor and swords pointed against me but I am doing nothing, only trying to move forward. I guess they want you to stay still, dousing the houses in pastel to look doll-like and then blame you for playing dress up."

"It's funny that way isn't it?" 

"So I'll sit under the pretty moonlight and laugh..."

"I mean, what else are teens supposed to do, right?"