It's Not My Fault

art by Jarline Almonte

The human species has always felt the need to romanticize multiple great issues, more so now in today’s society. But as a fifteen year old feminist with access to social media platforms, I’ve never come to understand this need to put social, economic, or political issues in such delicate wording, as if I'm trying to make them seem more pleasant. 

As a matter of fact, a vivid example of this which most of us have at some point stumbled upon, is the term “non-consensual sex”  defined as “a sexual act performed without one of the parties’ consent”. This terminology, I've found particularly unnerving and contradictory, as sex must be consensual to be considered sex, otherwise it is rape

A plain and simple word for a very complex and awful concept.

But it was even more revolting that after further research on the seemingly new term, it resulted that it was used for the single purpose of describing rape in a more “delicate and pleasant manner” on social media outlets. But when has rape been “delicate or pleasant” to be described as such?. If anything, the people directly involved in these would feel like their situation is devalued and belittled in a failed attempt to make sexual violence sound amicable.

Moreover, there’s always been a stigma within communities surrounding rape and it’s victims (one that should be eradicated). It makes people see it as something unheard of, almost like a bad word that shouldn’t be said because it makes us uncomfortable. This only brings hardship to the victims, who instead of speaking up, feel even more ashamed of their complicated situation.

But truth is, rape is sordid and filthy. And it should never try to be conceived as anything else than what it is. A forceful unjustifiable immoral act. A crime.

Article by Valentina Mercado