Coming Home In A Coffin

Take a moment. Close the history book; open your mind and your heart.
Reflect on every commodity or prejudice that Americans have fought over.
Blood spilt over oil.
Blood spilt over race.
Blood spilt over religion.
Blood spilt unjustly.
Enter the broken heart of every mother and father whose child returned home after their last breath had been taken,
whose grave is unmarked,
whose decision was made for them before they even entered this world,
before they even became a citizen.
Think of every person whose soul left this earth without cause,
stolen from them
with the scrawl of a pen,
an eighteenth birthday,
an able body.
Now, there is far too much talk about bringing the draft back.
Who should be exempted,
who should be required,
who must be forced.
I say, if not enough of our people are willing to go fight,
then that war is not worth fighting.
It could be anyone,
coming home in a coffin.


(Photo by: Peyton Upchurch, 2015.)