The Art of Feeling.

The Art of Feeling

We live most vibrantly through our emotions.
Through the heartwarming smiles that so quickly can turn into pain-filled tears,
spilling over the brims of our surfaces.
And yet we forcibly numb ourselves,
Whispering into our hearts that to feel is to show weakness.
Not knowing that to feel with pride and with power is to be strong.
To be real.
You are not exaggerating,
You are simply feeling.
Don't be afraid to show it.
Don't hide yourself from the world.
For there are people out there who cannot feel
The warm rush of ecstasy when their loved one presses their lips against theirs,
Or the bittersweet nostalgia that comes with reminiscing,
And those are the people I feel
miss out the most. 
The following set of photos are Andy Warhol inspired, showing  the movement in emotions as well as the colors associated with them through imitation art sketches. 

free-write and photography by Christina.