Art Series by Jarline Almonte
The "7 Wonders" Of The Human body and the emotions it expresses 

 Control: This depicts when we are most confident with the decisions we choose to act on. Humans may go through such a "power trip" that it effects those around both positively and  in some cases, negatively.  

Epiphanies and other self discoveries: Venus is the planet mostly associated with affection and the female gender, which I chose to represent self discovery, as most of us have the ability to feel and express sensitivity, but some would have to look very deeply into themselves to find that little spark of emotion.

Pain: There are humans out there that loathe feeling pain, and there are those who enjoy it. It is very common to feel and some would do whatever it takes to reduce it or to never feel it again. Pain is okay though. It's a natural feeling that we should all accept. Always be safe and seek advisory if needed, but don't run away from it.

Curiosity: Most apparent in our adolescence, we'd tend to question everything in existence. Many of us still have a grasp of their curious spark. We all have our inner child somewhere! Lets look deep into ourselves and try to find it!

 Vision: The ability to see all things beautiful, terrible and funny, etc., Vision is truly a blessing!

Calming/Serenity: The greatest sensation is to feel relaxed, without having to worry about anything other than your well being. It is probably the greatest sensation in the world. I wish it would last forever.

Speech: Many of us can verbally communicate but take our freedom of speech for granted. I am so glad that I am able to be apart of a platform where my expression won't cost me my life. It saddens me that free speech is a privilege.