Confined by Colors

Long before Pantone's announcement of the 2016 color(s) of the year, I had an idea that would put all of the Pantone chips I had taken from Lowe's to use. It was important for me to be able to convey the idea that colors shouldn't be able to contain us. Throughout our lives, girls have been deemed pink and boys blue; these gender roles can be extremely harmful to our individuality. This piece represents how we don't have to be confined by these colors and how it is better to be who we are and like the things we do, not what the patriarchy says we should.

Colors shouldn't be the defining aspects of our lives and gender roles go even deeper than just colors. It's time we eradicate gender roles for good.

By Charis Huling

thank you to Jaz (top left), Adam (top right), and Kai (bottom left) of the Risen team (plus my best friend on the bottom right) for beings my models