In Spain, when the clock strikes midnight, everyone hurries to eat twelve grapes, in hopes of good luck for the New Year. In the United States, we drink champagne and give someone a kiss. In Australia, it's considered lucky to eat mint ice-cream. In Russia, it is custom to write a wish on a piece of paper that you hope will come true that year. We all have different traditions. Personally, I choose one song to listen to as soon as the new year begins to set my attitude for the rest of the 365 days. 

For most people, New Years signifies a fresh start. A new year, to do better. And this year, you are going to do some awesome stuff. 2015 might not have been your best year, but 2016 is an opportunity to turn things around. It is 366 sunrises, 366 chances to wake up with a positive attitude, 366 days filled with love and happiness, 366 late nights filled with laughter and good memories. Staying positive is easier said than done, so I’ve compiled a list of easy ways to make your year a little brighter.

1. Make a New Years resolution that you can stay true to. 
When you make your resolution, try to be realistic. Sometimes we choose resolutions that can not be done. They don’t have to be too complex. They can be small, like taking more naps, dancing to more music, or watching more documentaries on Netflix. 

2. Make a list of 12 activities you want to do, and complete one every month.
Again, they don’t have to be giant extravaganzas. Just 12 small but fun activities to brighten your year. My list includes going camping, reading another Jack Kerouac novel, and going to a concert festival.  

3. Set a fun song for your alarm.
One thing that always forces me to have a better day is my alarm. I change the song about every 3 months, but there is nothing that puts me in a better mood than waking up to a positive song, and listening to fun music when I am getting ready for my day. Need ideas? Try a song by The Yugos, Vampire Weekend, Foals, or Passion Pit! 

4.  Think positive thoughts!
You are such an important person, and the world needs you here! Times can get tough, but you have to remember how loved you are. You are one of a kind, and deserve to be infinitely happy. 

2016 is fast approaching, and I am confident that this will be our best year yet. This summer, the Olympics will take place in Rio, InSight will touch down on Mars, and there will be elections in the United States (go Bernie!). This year holds an abundance of remarkably exciting opportunities, all you have to do is take them. See you soon, 2016!

Article written by Claire Halloran 
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