Self(ish) Portrait

Submitted By: Zoë (@z.f.n on Instagram), 14, U.K.

"Her eyes seemed to stare into your very soul. 
Digging away thoughtfully through your facade, 
as if she attempted to uncover a fragment of decency or artistry within even the most notorious sinners. 
These eyes, despite holding an unbelievable amount of strength, glistened. 
Not just simply sparkling, but gleaming brightly the way sunlight reflects off of water.
And the colour of her eyes -dear god- was like an ocean of chocolate waves, 
sprinkled with shattered tree bark and fresh cinnamon that lured you in, 
making it impossible to ignore her- not that you'd dare to drag your eyes away from such a tenacious being. 
Her mind, much like her complex eyes, was an unfathomable, vast space, 
similar to the endless rolling hills of the English countryside, or the isolated beauty of the northern glaciers. 
And like these, she was timeless, a child of the universe who was so often lost in these landscapes she had stowed away in her mind, 
troubling her, but also shielding her from the brutality of real life. 
She had a creative soul. 
One that begged for the normality of pen and paper and became fascinated by the smallest of ideas. 
She could make art from anything that consumed her mind, 
and you could see, deep within her head her smooth summer kissed arms reaching up to pluck ideas and morphing them into art.
She had the ability to create something beautiful and thought provoking even from the darkest notions, 
and yet her exterior smile could never portray these emotions in a physical way. 
Like a good poem, her existence was gentle with stormy tendencies, 
and like a painting she was not 'perfect' but beyond it to those who held her dear."