“Those that criticise this generation forget who raised it.”

Inspired by the song Seventeen by Alessia Cara

At seventeen, they tell you to pull your pants up. To cut your hair and fix your teeth. They advise you so nicely to lose weight and smile more. They force you to make decisions in the present that will dictate your future. You are expected to accept these responsibilities with fervour and enthusiasm, but when you tell them you have found love in sparkling eyes and a beating heart, you are scolded for not knowing what love is. You are too young. They advise you to get a job, a drivers licence, and learn how to cook a proper meal. They tell you this is how you will survive. But you don’t want to survive, you don’t want to just scrape by; you want to live. They encourage you to work hard and chase your dreams, yet laugh in your face when your ambitions don’t meet their mainstream expectations. An actor? How preposterous, aim for something more achievable!

All this doesn't prepare you for the ‘real world’. But what is the ‘real world’ if it isn’t the one you are living in right now? 

What they don't tell you is that everything will be okay. No one congratulates you for making it seventeen years in this world because you had a pretty sweet sixteen 365 days prior and will reach another milestone in a year’s time. What they don’t know is that a lot can happen in a year. No one tells you that your glass heart will be shattered over and over, but with time, it will be mended. No one tells you that you, yourself, will pick up the pieces and put them back together. After all, mosaics are stronger than what they were before they were broken. No one tells you to cherish the friend you have, to hold them close, to tell them you love them. No one tells you that you friends can break your heart as well. No one tells you that the fear you have about your future is valid. No one tells you that you are allowed to question your sexuality. No one tells you that you don't have to have your life together just yet. You figure this out for yourself.

So, if you haven’t been told yet, congrats on making it this far. You are 17, and you are going to be great.

Author: Liv