Q&A - "Friend Breakups"

"How do you deal with friend breakups?  People always talk about romantic breakups, but platonic breakups still hurt a lot too.  How can one recover from that?" -Anonymous 

In more ways than not, a platonic relationship is similar to a romantic relationship.  The compassion, appreciation, and the desire to be together almost all the time is present in both types of relationships, but these things are expressed differently based on the relationship type.  Because of these similarities, dealing with a "platonic" breakup is somewhat similar to dealing with a romantic one.

Here are some ways to cope with the situation:

1) Try and fix / become at peace with the situation - Now obviously this won't apply to all people, especially if you're friend is the one that should be doing the fixing of the relationship, not you. If the friend is prone to doing something to end the friendship and has done so on multiple occasions, the healthiest decision for you would be to cut off the relationship completely, and for good.

2) "Treat yo' self" - As cliche as it may sound, the old "jar of ice cream" trick we're so used to hearing about after someone goes through a romantic breakup can be applied to this situation as well! If pampering yourself helps you cope with the situation, then eating an entire extra large meat lovers pizza is a must!

3) Start a journal and write your thoughts and feelings down - It may not seem like it, but journaling can be an extremely relieving process. 

4) Meet new people -  Socializing can be an amazing and scary thing. Meet new people, explore your interests, try things you never saw yourself trying before!  Through doing these things you have the potential to make great new friends.

The process of recovering from any sort of heart break, whether it be from a platonic or romantic relationship, is a lengthy one. However, I hope that with the help of these tips, you can eventually come to terms with the loss of a friendship.

By: Travis Bodell
Artwork by: Kai Jen