Out of Your Mind

THE SET: Submitted by: Sarah (@sarahcondelli on Instagram)

I wanted this set to show my growing creativity. In the first piece, I disconnected the girl's head from her body to show the absence of thinking she had when she did things. The second photo was something I did awhile ago when I was feeling uninspired, hence the opening of the head; the lack of thoughts and ideas. In the last image, I made a small doodled flower coming out of the head to show that ideas keep growing as do aspirations.

She watches them cheering happily.
How they acted as if not a care in the world existed.
How they didn't judge each other because of how they looked, or what they wore.
In their small sparkling eyes, everything to them was the same.
But what they didn't know was that their fun and freedom was only temporary.

She was only sprouting,
but little did she know,

she'd grow into something much greater.

Her mind wandered off as memories of that girl returned, filling her emptiness.
She felt full and fitting.
She was inspired and riveting.
She became engrossed with the girl.
It was a different kind of love.