"There are two things found underground: coffins and hidden treasure, which one will you be?" 
- Jazmine Alcon

Art by Kai

Priscila and I were on Facetime one day and we were admiring our favorite photographers, artists, and writers on Instagram. We started gushing and going "Oh my GOD, I love her. Check out @____ though her work fucks with my head, in a good way. Kinda makes me cry too" and we went on and on and on for approximately about and hour and a half. We discovered a pattern in these accounts, each of them, although extremely talented, didn't have a large following like they deserved. We started questioning the reasons behind the lack of recognition of these brilliant teens and decided that they needed to be under the spotlight.

We quickly gathered our favorite underappreciated accounts on instagram and messaged them fervently. We wanted to show you guys pure, raw talent, as well as give them the microphone and the podium to showcase their work and speak about their passions. So, we asked to speak to them all and interview them semi-seriously about their work and their opinions about certain things and also ask them questions that truly make you wonder if we conjured the questions up in the shower. 

The appreciation and love for genuine art with soul and heart put into it has been lost in the sea of meaningless aesthetics that we rip from each other's thoughts. Originality has become a rarity that most of the time we have a hard time recognizing it. As teen artists ourselves, we understand how it feels to have your work thrown into a deep oblivion, never to be seen again, only to be outshone by latte art and kankens. We wanted to show you that artists who put their all into their work don't go unnoticed, which is what many of us have felt for a long time. We are not drowning in a sea, our cries being ignored by the people around us. People hear you. People see you. People look up to you. People appreciate you. It might not feel like it sometimes, but you are visible, your work is visible, and appreciated. We just wanted to remind you that by guiding you back onto the path of loving art and what you make by calling some friends over to join you on this journey. 

We truly hope you enjoy this series Priscila and I have put together along with everyone who participated. We will be posting three interviews each day this whole week of fellow artists, writers, and photographers we really adore. 

Special thanks to all of the artists, photographers, and writers who agreed to be a part of this. We quite literally wouldn't have done it without you! Shoutout to these kickass people who agreed to share their brilliance with us:
  • Lauren Tepfer
  • Abby Chanthavong
  • Alanah Gardner
  • Jarline Almonte
  • Sophie Maguire
  • Nataly Ramirez
  • Bri Galan
  • Helena Powderly
  • Pemakit Lephca
  • Lydia Bork
  • Victoria Gapuz
  • Sarah Killian
  • Tai Cruz
  • Brian Asuncion
  • Angelina Coronado
  • Kaitlyn Joyner
  • Dani
  • Isabella Bustamante (Curator of Teen Art Salon)

Love (and filled with such excitement),
Jazmine Alcon & Priscila Hernandez