Nataly is one of the most underrated accounts I've come across on Instagram. She uses colors very well and effectively blends them together. Her photos have a soft edge to them that portrays the gentleness in even the roughest of things. Her photos leave her audience with an open discussion on what her photos mean and different view points and interpretations. Some great theories on her pieces can be cooked up.

Our interview with her was filled with quirkiness and comfortable silence in between each question. Listen to what she has to say about being a young artist in today's society: 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I don't really know, I just take pictures I think that would look nice. 

When and how did you first start photography?

I started it in 7th grade cause I saw a bunch of these accounts on Instagram making cool edits and pictures and I wanted to do the same thing, so my mom got me my first camera.

What is your favorite 90s movie and why?

I like Empire Records because it shows a lot of fun teenagers letting loose that don't let anybody hold them back and that's my goals, I really love that concept.

Describe the color blue to someone who's blind

Try to remember the sound of the ocean and see how the wind smells and remember how the sky is.

Here are some of Nataly's dreamy pieces:

Wrong Turn, Art Museum 2015
Distracted by her thoughts she goes the wrong way purposely wanting to get away from the crowd . The shock of the art displaying the world's beauty and human beauty has invaded her mind.

Sudden Stop, Tranquil Drive 2015
This car crash is to me an example of when people have a sudden stop to notice other people's lives and know that, compared to others, our problems are small. Although tough to go through, we should all be grateful for the little things we develop in our lives that help us improve who we are as people.

Organic Shapes, A Confusing Ride 2015
Organic shapes are free-form, unpredictable and flowing in appearance and are associated with things from the natural world, like plants animals and especially humans. Humans are completely unforeseeable, and confusingly and dangerously flowing into unexpected things throughout their whole lives.

Negative Space, 2015
Negative space is the area between and around objects. It provides "breathing room" for our eyes, what about the nonexistent negative space in our minds?

A Friends Kind Hands, 2015
A multi-fingered body part normally located at the end of an arm or forelimb of a primate. The human hand is flexible, creative, strong, and helps us through our lives. Hands allow us to wave, communicate, create, hold a child, and show others affection. A hand to me permits us to show our emotions negatively and positively. We might not all have hands to hold each other with but those who do should use them wisely and carefully gently and lovingly.

Teen Bloom, 2015
Deception: the action of deceiving someone, something teenage girls are experts at. Amateurs at most things yes, but complete master minds at the art of deception. Teenage girls all over the world, although different in extraordinary ways have a common knowledge of deceiving those who are associated with us.

Serenity in the Trees, 2015
The trees were quiet and swaying confidently and beautifully. It reminded me of the way you walked without a care in the world, knowing nothing except the fact that you were exactly like these trees. Strong, tall, but gentle and beautiful as I wish I could be too.

Colors of Youth, Cesar, 2015
8 years old, his favorite games include lego dimension, call of duty,and anything involving cool characters which he is not afraid of. However, he is afraid of many things: loneliness, the dark, halloween, and strangers. He sees the good in people and gets very emotional. He tries to be a good friend. Hoping you as well see the world as colorful as he does. He is 8 years old and he loves the color brown because that's the his dad's skin color and he loves his dad.

Follow Nat on Instagram for more of her work: @brutalnat