Lauren Tepfer is an expert in transforming mere plain sights to the sudden 8th wonder of the world. Priscila and I have had a huge girl crush on Lauren, fawning over her photos and being inspired by them. Lauren has become everyone's favorite enigma on Instagram over a short amount of time. She uses words only when necessary and lets her photos do more of the speaking.

Her Instagram is a page ripped right out of a princess story with her use of delicate tones and highlights. She has been named "The Next Petra Collins" (or maybe it's just us that think this) by many people. Although her style is similar to Petra's, she splashes her photos with her own edge and unique style. The dreaminess and intangibility make Lauren's audience feel like they're in another world created by her lens. Lauren's use of people has created a sense of sentimentality within the real world that seems untouchable. Her work is truly one of a kind molding the future of teen photographers everywhere. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Oh wow, this is super hard. I guess I could say I draw inspiration from lots of people, places, things, feelings, etc... Being an artist has never been more convenient, with everyone being able to share their work online. Lots of my favorite photographers that inspire me are people I've found online (cc: Petra Collins, Milly Cope, Jensen Foerster). There's a whole world of amazing teen artists sharing their work online and I am so wonderfully lucky to be among them. I'm inspired by relationships, my own and my friends and families relationships with others. I'm constantly studying people's emotions and how they express it through words and actions. I'm inspired by feelings too, such as confusion, serendipity, transition, hopefulness, belonging, and enouement.

When and how did you first start photography?

I began to take photos at 7 or 8 years old with my own little digital camera. I became super serious about photography when I was in 8th grade!

Describe the color blue to someone blind

Blue is the feeling of being left behind. When you're crying but don't have a reason why. Blue is winter, cold and icy. Blue is a clear sky on a sunny day. Blue is comfortable. Blue is the summertime, the color of the ocean and the color of the sky. (cc: Regina Spektor's Blue Lips)

What do you want to be when you're older? 

Oooh, I like this question! Usually, when I'm asked something like this it's along this lines of "What do you want to study, what do you want to major in...?" To answer that question, I usually say I want to major in photography or some kind of media. Maybe I'm reading too far into it, but I like the idea of being someone instead of just doing something. When I'm older, I hope to be someone who has accepted herself, someone who is happy, who is sharing and giving to the world (even if it's just a small little part), someone who is inspiring others and someone who is always learning. 

What do you want to say to young artists out there who are still trying to find themselves?
Keep trying, thinking and feeling. I don't know if there's ever a point in an artist's life where they actually "find themselves", which I think is the whole point of art. Artists create art to feel something, to help them figure out things, to help them learn more about themselves and the world around them. If you are an artist and feel like you haven't found yourself yet, don't panic, you're probably pointed in the perfect direction. 

Travel through an endless dreamland with us through Lauren's photos:

Grocery Store

Lonely Hour


Look out for more of Lauren's work on Instagram (@s.ilver) and her website!