Jarline Almonte is one of our well-rounded new addition to the family, a jack of all artistic trades, that many people would kill for. She's one of the new recruits but she feels like an old time friend. Her sense of humor is enough to make you forget what you were so mad about in the first place and her optimism makes me wonder if the sun can be outshone by this girl. My favorite thing about her, besides having a Drake-lookalike as her brother, is that she has an aptitude for thinking outside of the box and using the :) emoticon. 

Although facetious at times, Jarline never fools around when it comes to her passion: art & writing, just like any artist or writer should be. Carefree might be Jarline's middle name when walking on the sideline but not when she's under the spotlight. Her game face is terrifying and filled with passion, so cover your asses before it gets kicked if you're running in a race with her as your competition. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

 My main inspiration has always been drawn by the fascination of color. I love light, saturation and contrast. Visualizing how it reflects onto skin tones is breath taking. When I'm at a location with black/neon lights, or even just a normal area where at a certain moment colors in the room reflect on the human skin, I really enjoy paying attention to it, seeing how it blends onto the skin and adds a certain emotion to it. It's pretty weird to explain, but I really enjoy working with unnatural colors to embody skin tone. 

When and how did you first start art?

 I've always been interested in painting, it's been second nature to me. I knew how to doodle before learning how to spell my name (even though my name is kind of odd, but you get the point). I would ruin my brothers library books, trying to imitate cartoon and anime characters, even my walls sometimes. Growing up I thought everyone could draw at the level that I was at, but once school began everyone was asking me to draw for them. Teachers were making me draw posters for them and visuals for the class, and it was then that I realized I was kind of different. I'm not at my highest potential as an artist, not even close, but I will say that I'm proud of myself for never quitting. 

If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?

If I could be anyone for a day, although this may sound odd, I would be Stephen Wiltshire. Wiltshire is an Autistic Artist who drew an 18ft picture of New York through memory. Wiltshire has the amazing ability to remember images he saw for a few seconds with photographic accuracy. It'd be an honor to understand how his brain worked and how it feels like to be able to capture images and literally being a "Human Camera".

Would you rather see in stripes or cheetah print for the rest of your life?

 Although cheetah print represents a sense of being "out there" and "bold", I think it would end up making me feel very overwhelmed. Stripes are simple and easier on the eyes but a bit boring, giving off the idea that life is easy and simplistic. If I had to choose, I'd risk seeing the rest of my life in cheetah print. Fear is exciting. 

What do you want to say to young artists out there who are still trying to find themselves?

  Don't fall into the void of insecurities of all these famous/glorified art at museums and online. No artist starts off completely brilliant. Don't force yourself to imitate classic or popular art styles, because your art will never blossom to its most possible potential. Be patient with your ideas and your craft. And if you're ever going through artists block, what I usually tend to do is go outside of my house late at night and play music that reflects my emotions. It stimulates my brain and ideas pop up. This may not work for everyone, but you can give it a try and find your own method that helps you best. 

Here are some of Jarline's brilliance conveyed through a canvas:

"Communication" Series

I created these images during a point in my life where I felt overwhelmed emotionally. This was a color study on the body, reflections of unnatural light to convey emotions. It's very simplistic and was made in the winter of 2014.

Two Faced Series

Painted using water color, I began painting this with the goal of distorting the human face, slightly. The first painting is describing the emotion of those who have been lied to, the second image expresses the sense of calmness the "liar" has when lying. It's basically two sides of the story, the effected and the effector.

Made circa Spring of 2015


Inspired heavily on Marina and The Diamonds, this painting was another study of color. It was made in the summer of 2015, when I was in a very happy and energetic place. The composition of this water color painting is very out-of-focus, which is on purpose. I want the viewers to find a sense of clarity in the most unnatural situations.


This painting was made with black ink, I wanted to play with contrast. I painted this at night and my goal was to have a dark appearance without reflecting a dark emotion.

Breathing In Exile

This is a self portrait using charcoal  and graphite. It's a simplistic study of the skin and complexities. I wanted the message of the portrait to contrast the stiff emotion portrayed by the portrait itself.

Follow Jarline Almonte on Instagram for more of her work: @jar.line