UNDERGROUND TEENS: Angelina Coronado

Angelina is one of the people you come across in a lifetime who is hard to forget. She makes her mark almost everywhere she goes. Her unique sense of style reminds people of Tavi Gevinson and we honestly wish she could style us or at least help us pull off her fashion sense. Angelina's Instagram depicts her personality clearly with her cute humor and cheerful attitude, you can't help but want to squeeze her cheeks. 

In this interview, we get to know Angelina and her beautiful little mind a little better. Things started off a little funny with our conversation as Priscila and I attempt to gather ourselves together and make ourselves seem presentable and knowledgeable in the "interview" world. The interview was a fun rollercoaster from imagining Kanye in space, arguing about cereal, and shit talking Charlie Brown from Peanuts. 

Priscila: Hey Angelina!

Angelina: Hey! 

Jazmine: Oh no she's dressed up. I'm so sorry, we just both woke up and have just started eating breakfast. Oh man, I'm sorry.

Angelina: You're all good! [Laughs]

Jazmine: [Groans] Why'd you have to look all good! Alright, anyway first questions first!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I watch a lot of movies so old horror films, Woody Allen films, and a lot of books is where I get my inspiration from. My favorite author right now is Junot Diaz so I got a lot of inspiration from him because he’s also Dominican American and there’s not so many Dominican artists and writers I know.

When and how did you first start writing?

I started writing when I was 7 because I’ve always liked to read. Being an avid reader has always inspired me and I’ve started taking my writing seriously and sharing it with people around the 9th grade.

If you could be anyone for a day who would you be and why?

I’d like to be an astronaut just to see space for a day, just a day though, not two years like they usually do. Maybe Kanye too… his life seems interesting and fun.

Jazmine: Why not both?
Angelina: [Laughs] Maybe!

Do you put milk in first or your cereal?

I put my cereal in first and then my milk because I always wanna see how much cereal I can actually put in so I can see how much milk I have to put in.

Jazmine: Unrelated but I hate when my cereal gets soggy, I’d rather eat my cereal without milk.
Angelina: I love when my cereal gets soggy!
Pris: Me too! It’s so good, what are you talking about Jaz…
Jazmine: Soggy cereal feels like you’re eating a sponge…you weirdos
Pris: Says the person who eats dry flaky cereal

What do you want to say to young artists out there who are still trying to find themselves?

Don’t stop looking for sources of inspiration and don’t feel like the type of art that you like to do is weird. Don’t limit yourself and censor the things you create. Try to look for young artists or other artists out there like you. I’m trying to find young artists who are Hispanic or Latina and I think that making things like people like me would be really great. 

Angelina: This is off topic but since we're done I just wanna say Jazmine, you really do look a lot like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch! You're so adorable!

Jazmine: I've gotten that a lot since I posted that whole Mulan vs. Lilo thing. I don't really know if I see it though..I've never seen either of them.

Angelina: Wait, what?

Jazmine: Or the Lion King

Pris: You have got to be kidding me. Are you serious?

Jazmine: Yes...stop attacking me! 

Angelina: It's fine Disney movies are never accurately depicted anyway.

Pris: True, honestly. 

The conversation takes a turn for the better or worse, depending if you're a Peanuts fan or not.

Pris: Yeah, animated movies are really weird. You're not missing out on much. 

Jazmine: Guys wait you know what's weird? That Peanuts thing with the dog with the big nose. Why do they always make that bald kid feel bad about himself?

Angelina: I don't know. He's always sad. I've seen him on depression blogs on Tumblr which is pretty weird considering Peanuts is a kid's show and isn't really supposed to be that deep.

Jazmine: Tumblr glamorizes anything they can get their hands on...

Pris: True, it's kinda gross. Anyway, the Peanuts show never made any sense and it was always the same thing. The girl makes the boy feel bad and the dog is just there.

Jazmine: I've seen like one of them in class...it was weird. It was for Thanksgiving or something.

Angelina: Yeah they have a ton! It's kinda funny, actually. 


Here is an excerpt of Angelina's piece about Feminism having its' faults:

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