If you want to get sad about not having enough excitement in your life, Abby's photos will surely do it. She tells the stories of teenage life through the lens of her camera. Her photos give off a vibe found in famous teenage movies like "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" or "Palo Alto". Her photos embodies songs of The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, or The Killers. We are totally in love with those bands and movies, just like we are with Abby's photography. 

Abby perfected the utilization and manipulation of neon colors to create electric photos that are hard to forget. Her photos display brilliant light work. In the words of Priscila, her work is very "lit" (We hate her too...don't worry, you're not alone). They leave a large dent in your heart to be filled with inspiration and determination (after an hour or 2 sulking around). 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from everything around me. When I see the talented photographers out there I always liked the thought of being one.

When and how did you first start doing photography?

I most likely started when I was little, but when I decided I wanted to take more professional photos it was probably around eleven years old when I got an iPad. They were not great however I am still learning.

What is your favorite 90s movie and why?

My favorite 90s movie is My Own Private Idaho made in 1991 not only because my two favorite actors; River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves, but because it's a story about a man who suffers from narcolepsy trying to find his mother with his best friend that he starts to fall in love with. I loved the plot and the way the actors portrayed their characters.

What do you want to be when you're older?

When I get older I have always have wanted to work somewhere in NASA. I could even be mopping the floors there at NASA if I wanted to. Working with space and the galaxy sounds amazing to do.

What do you want to say to young artists out there who are still trying to find themselves?

I consider myself a young artist too, and if you are trying to find yourself, do whatever makes you happy. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you what should be and go your own way!

Here are Abby's luminous pieces that we can't tear our eyes away from:

Green Tunnel 
This photo was taken in a tunnel before entering my city fair. The colors I saw in this tunnel were captivating and I also read that green makes people feel content and calm which it did to me in that moment.

Swings in Motion 
I am not a big fan of any type of rides that involve being more than five feet above the ground and spinning however looking over the fair was the prettiest thing I have seen in a long while.

Fair Swings in Line 
This was before getting up on the swings and hearing the kids scream of excitement gave off a feeling of happiness I hope to meet again. 

Green Lights 
Like most of the people in this generation do, I was looking down at my phone until I noticed that the objects on the floor were turning colors. In this shot, the lights were green and it amused me because even the shadows were changing colors along with the other items around me.

Follow Abby on Instagram for more of her work: @ab.bv