Models of Color

The way modern media represents "beauty" affects how we see ourselves and others. Through representation in movies, TV, and magazines, people of color begin to see themselves in a new light. These are six models of color who have had to deal with the lack of representation growing up, but now create a wave of much needed representation to today's youth.  
"In China, to them, I’m not [considered] beautiful." Jing Wen: Chinese, @jingwenll

"When I started, I was one of the few girls [of color] on the runway. I wasn’t that aware, but people would make me aware." Mélodie Monrose: Martinican, @melodiemonrose

Kiran Kandola: Indian, @kirankandola1
"For a colored model, I think it's important if you have that visibility to empower other people." Adonis Bosso: Ivorian, @septumpapi

Daniela Gommar: Mexican, @damigoga13

Willy Cartier: French-Vietnamese, @willycartier

-Laura (flaura)