Editor's Letter: November 2015

Hi, Risen Readers!

It's November now, the leaves are falling and the air is turning cold. There are a lot of changes happening in the season and that includes Risen. We have a lot of installments coming to Risen!

We have more visuals coming up this month, such as our Underground Teen series that celebrates teen artists of all mediums. We have projects from our new little babies (aka our new recruits) and have the chance to be under the spotlight for the first time! We're excited for you guys to meet them and what they have to bring to the table.

Risen is starting a new segment that will be on-going called Riseponds. We will discuss that many people can have different opinions for. Riseponds will be very open-ended and we will have different individuals that have various backgrounds and opinions to discuss each topic so we can open your eyes to more than one path you can take.

We're trying new forms of writing, ones that are new territory for Risen, and we hope you enjoy them. We're posting more journal entries, diary pages, reviews, and more (magicians can't tell all their secrets *wink*). We're deviating from the "all articles" form of Risen and we're taking on a Hannah Montana face where we're discussing topics with a degree of seriousness but also a carefree atmosphere. We'll be speaking on favorite November topics such as: Thanksgiving, Hoevemeber, No-Shave-November, and more! We're excited to show you the other side of the coin you've either never seen or only glanced at.

We're expanding our site to all of you guys as well! Risen submissions have always been open, but we're encouraging all of you to submit pieces you want to be seen more! We're also reminding you that if you have any questions, we can answer them! You can email us or even just ask us on tumblr (@risenmags) and we'll be happy to answer in as much detail as we can to clear up muddy waters. Your questions may be answered on the site or if it's short enough, we can answer it on Tumblr! We are always open to your pitches, so if you have one, please submit it at risensubmission@gmail.com!

We've finally gotten other social media besides Instagram. We're now on Twitter and Tumblr with the handle @risenmags. Don't be scared to talk to us and interact with us on either one!

Best Wishes and All Our Love,

Jazmine Alcon & Priscila Hernandez