Xicanisma - Latina/Chicana Movement

Art by Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza

  "Xicanisma" has a very similar meaning to the feminism we all know and love today, but "Xicanisma" focuses mainly on the theories that analyze political, social, economic and historical roles of Mexican-American/chicana and other Hispanic Women in the United States.   

  Latina women created this feminist movement due to the fact that white feminism was overpowering the issues of Women Of Color in America. All the different "WOC" (women of color)  in America, although they focus on similar topics and theories, have different backgrounds and experiences which is why "Xicanisma" is separate from The black Femimism Movement. Both movements are crucial and necessary and are allies when supporting overall equality of the sexes including women of color. 

  Xicanisma could be traced back as far as the 19th century, but it started to spark up a lot more in the 1960s and '70s, when it truly began. During and prior to this time period, in the Latin Community the main focus was on Chicano Men. Chicana's strongly disliked the separation of females in Chicano Men's eyes of empowerment for Latinos. They were only seen as important in the role of La Familia, as the typical house-wife who chose large family over careers. Latinas, out of all minority's, make the least money, which is why the Chicano men felt as though a woman working wasn't necessary or beneficial. A main event that lit the fire to the Chicana Movement for Latinx's was the 1969 Chicano Youth Liberation Conference, where woman became more involved in the Latino Male-dominant dialogue to address the theories and concerning facts involving Latina females. 

  The movement lives strongly today, with many political and celebrity Latinas who've shed light on the continuing struggle of a Latina such as child care, rape and abuse, employment and education, abortion reproduction and health care, as well as the reconstructing of political "Familialism" (Family Roles). 

  Chicanos and Chicano loyalists accuse Chicana feminists of being venditas (traitors), such as being anti-men, anti-family and anti-cultural. This is the complete opposite, as in reality Chicana feminists just want equality of the sexes, to be seen as a more important role in the family other than the care giver, and to have the opportunity to have equal pay in jobs of all natures, even jobs that the Latin culture sees as something unobtainable for Latina females. 

  The movement is far from over, as it is still extremely necessary and is being overpowered by White Liberal Feminism. All feminism is important and necessary in our society. There is nothing wrong with feminism being somewhat divided between minorities, since all groups of females have different perspectives of female issues in America. Although "Xicanisma" is separate from white feminism, black feminism and Asian feminists from both the east and west, we all allies to change the way society views females. We are more than just old-fashioned caregivers to the male American Dream, we are the American Dream.