I’m sure we all can agree that a new school year is exciting. A fresh start, new school supplies, clean notebooks. However, two weeks in, there’s a good chance you’re not feeling it anymore. Messy notes, papers shoved in your bag, starting your homework at midnight. Motivation is something we all need, and sometimes it’s hard to find. You just have to look in the right places.

For starters, remind yourself that you are in charge. There are loads of reasons we get off track with work. Self-doubt, fear of failure, the ever-popular “I’ll do it in an hour”, just to name a few. It’s easy to feel like we have no power, especially when it comes to doubts. Yet, almost all the time, we do. We are the ones originally setting our goals, and we will be the ones to achieve them. Even if you don’t reach a goal, the satisfaction of knowing that you achieved at least something in the process, that’s enough to keep you going. Explore the reasons you’re going for this goal in the first place, and remind yourself often. Although there are a mass number of things that can distract you from them, the goals you will reach will be much worth it in the end. Whether it’s finishing your homework or studying for a driver’s test, there will be a reward in the end. The obstacles will be well worth it. Ralph Walso Emerson once said: “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” Cheesy, yes, but it’s something we all need to remember.
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As for procrastination, there’s really only one option. Find out what distracts you, and get rid of it. Focus, slacking off always makes things harder. Organisation is something that will definitely increase your productivity. Buy new pens and start colour coding your notes. Doodle comics in your History Textbook to help you remember what’s happening. Decorate your binder with pictures of your celebrity crush. Anything that will get you excited to work, do it.

Something that I have taken up recently is a new concept called Bullet Journaling. It was developed by Ryder Carroll as a way to organise your life without the chaos of technology fogging up your brain. It’s a to-do list, to put it simply, but it’s also a place for notes, jotting down events, packing lists, quotes, directions, name it. Each morning, you date the entry, and you put all the events, meetings, homework, and tasks you have to do that day. As you do them, you check them off as you go, giving you a more powerful feeling of satisfaction, encouragement, and productivity. If you’d like to learn more about the Bullet Journal concept, visit

Motivation is almost always achievable. But, sometimes, you can get stuck. At times like these, you just need to take a minute and breathe. Fuel your inspiration by doing things you love. Inspiration is contagious. When you come in contact with inspiring things, naturally, you become inspired. And unlike motivation, inspiration is a self-propelling force that grows bigger and bigger, and will eventually lead to motivation as well.

Treat yourself kindly, don’t push too far. If you mess up, forgive yourself and move on. You’re human. You’re capable of great things, but, do not over-work yourself and set goals one after the other. Achieve one goal, take a break, and start again. It will all work out in the end, and the outcome will be very much worth it.