Life Advice From My Favorite Ghosts

What They Would've Said Today..

                                 Ann Richards (former senator of Texas,

                                  rebellious feminist, Texan badass):

Sweetheart if there's anything I learned, it's to never take things too personally. When a gun-slinging, middle aged, white man says to you, 'Be a good girl and..." DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FOLLOW HIS ADVICE. Apparently today they say, "You do you..". Well, darling, you do you, and don't feel one nickel bad about it. You are your own woman, who can make her own decisions and don't need any patriarchal nonsense getting in the way of that. Stand tall, look proud, and keep on doing you. And don't forget the hairspray.

Jay Gatsby (former billionaire, Leonardo Dicaprio lookalike, Green light lover):
My dear friend, life is too short for frivolous material goods and boring parties. What I mean by that is precisely: don't waste your time on things and value, and instead focus on the people and ideas that so coherently make up your life. Finding true value is when you have a circle of people who see the beauty and worth in you. Don't ever let anyone tell you you aren't enough. Don't let them use you only to be abandoned in the end. Trust me, I speak from experience. Remember my failure of a relationship with Daisy Beauchannon? Well old chap, I guess you could say we are never ever ever getting back together. 

                                     Maya Angelou (former princess poet, 
                                     owner of caged bird, word typhoon)

Oh my child. Sing the music of love. Create beautiful things, but make sure their beauty has a purpose. Don't look at the flowers because they're pretty, (like that deceitful Daisy B.), look at them because they make you feel feelings of a greater power. Make sure your heart is lying in the right position, to allow for the love to flow through quite nicely, and the hate to drain out faster than you can glug one of those Starbucks Frappes. Hold the whip, add the words.

                                            James Gandolfini (former Soprano, 
                                            super-dad, gentle giant)

I'm not one with words, but if I was, I'd tell you to eat the ice cream. Just eat all the crappy food you possibly can before you get old and crumbly, and have to stick to salads. It's okay to be lazy and dumb sometimes. We all are. It's okay not to have invented Minecraft, or have climbed Mount Kill(your back). If you're sitting here thinking, why should I take your advice, that's a fantastic question. You can or can't. You can do stupid stuff and still make great things happen. Sometimes that's the only way it will work. Enjoy being young. We only experience it once. Go on adventures, even if you're too "old" for adventures,even if you have better things to do. Even if they're just to the grocery store for more ice cream.

Ruthie Zolla (not a ghost yet)

It's Halloween, and you're probably out with your friends, or binge-watching all of the Adams Family movies on ABC family, or something equally as cool. I never really liked Halloween until now, when I'm considered too old for dressing up, and really too old for trick-or-treating, which I mostly just love for the social-ness of it, since I am in fact my mother's daughter, and therefore can talk to anyone. I've always been a sucker for advice, reading the "Dear Abbey" advice column from the paper since I was a mere 7 years young. So, this Halloween, I challenge you dear reader, to the gift of giving or receiving advice. Ask questions. Give input. Maybe you'll become a teensie bit smarter, if that's even possible. And who knows, you might even see a tiny, freckled, Johnny from "Dirty Dancing" dancing through the streets, your own personal advice-dealing (very much living) ghost.