Editor's Letter: October 2015

Hello Risen Readers!
We are so excited to announce yet another successful running month of Risen; with original pieces on issues you care about and want to know more about, answers to your questions, interviews, and SO much more!

With Halloween rearing it's spooky head, we are here at Risen getting into the Halloween spirit by planning fun halloween festivities and reviewing Halloween themed reader submissions!

We will be talking about do's and don'ts this month so you guys can have TONS of fun without disrespecting anybody. Not to mention, we are starting a weekend special series only exclusive to this month!

Risen will still continue to post about regular topics but we are going to kick some supernatural butt on this month of October.

Be on the lookout for any suspicious announcements about the undead, or the very scary living on our Instagram (risenmags) as well!

We have created submission guidelines for our website to make it easier for everyone! Go check it out before you send anything because we will only accept ones that follow our rules. We would love to see October themed pieces from you talented folks so do not hesitate to send your stuff in!

Stay spooky, and keep an eye open for any ghosts or pieces exclusively from us! [Insert cheeky smile here]

Jazmine and Pris

(Our background is by tumblr user coalco)