Dear Diary: Breanna Ehrhardt

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A diary entry on coming out by reader Breanna Ehrhardt.

Breanna Ehrhardt
Instagram: @celestialspice

I came out exactly 5 months ago, so happy out-of-the-closet anniversary to me. I was on vacation at the time and it actually wasn't planned at all. I had been out to my sister, best friends, and some of my internet friends for months, but the thought of telling my parents was almost as bad as the thought of Donald Trump being elected president. I remember my step-mom being lowkey drunk at the time, and making a joke about my step-brother's friend being hot. When I didn't say anything she said something about the boys down at the beach. When I continued to stay mute, she asked "But... They're boys right?" By that point I was screaming internally, and maybe externally a bit, judging by the look she gave me. When I eventually cracked and said "I'm uh, not straight" (by not straight I meant gay as hell), both her and my dad were really supportive and accepting. I knew they would be, but deep down I think when you're queer in any way you always have an expectation people are going to judge you. We sat on the balcony of our beach condo for over three hours talking, and they said they loved me so many times I'm surprised I didn't start crying. I made up for it later when I ran down to the beach and sobbed like a baby out of relief. Since then I've come out to my mom and to my limited Twitter followers. There's still a large part of my family I'm scared to tell, but even being out to a few people feels so freeing. I have really great friends and parents, but I know some people aren't so lucky. For that reason I'm grateful for the lgbtqia+ community because everyone is so supportive, especially for those who don't have anyone else to show them support.