Struggle to Speak


Illustration by Tumblr User @passitives

"Something I struggle with on a regular basis is my mouth. Some who are principled in the general basis of feminism woulds tell me to keep up. I always find myself keeping quiet about things even though they secretly bother me. I live a simple life and a simple life comes with simple expectations to follow social norms. At school, I'm constantly faced with situations that leads me into arguments and failing at my job as a feminist and speak for what we, as a whole, believe in. I'm a terrible debater and I panic in situations which leads me to keep my mouth shut. What do I do in these situations? I want to make myself known."
-Jenna B, 13

Hi darling! We at Risen understand how difficult it is to speak out in such situations, especially in a school setting or even with a group of close friends. It's much harder to stand up for what you believe in person rather than it is online, but words are words, whether they are typed or spoken. 

As a feminist, you can't really "fail"; otherwise, it isn't much feminism. When you're presented with a situation like that, there's a quote you should always remember: "Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes."

It's understandable to be afraid to speak out, considering the way society forces conformity especially on our generation. But the truth is the only way to bring the light back, which we need so much at this time. Your voice may shake and your knees may tremble underneath of you, but the truth will give you strength. You can always count on that.

The world would not progress if not for the people who voice the truth, no matter how hard it may be. It's understandable that at first it's scary to defy the social norms, like you said. But the more you use your voice, the stronger it becomes, like exercising a muscle. And soon, it'll be second nature to you.

There's really only one way to make yourself known, and that is to speak out. But again, like exercising a muscle, you can't just squat 500 lbs. in one sitting. Take it little by little at first. You'll soon learn that your voice alone can move mountains and shake the ground; when it is trained correctly, it can become the strongest muscle in your body. Imagine where the world would be if everyone knew that.

The only way the world will become a better place is through educating everyone so they are able to cultivate humane morals that are based on acceptance and respect for all inhabitants on this planet. Never be afraid of the power inside of you to change the world.

Much love,

-Edythe N. x