Late September Editor’s Letter

Hello, Risen readers!
Today marks our one month since the launch of this website. We have gotten an unbelievable amount of support and love from you all and we could never thank you enough for it. We have reached a larger audience on Instagram (We hit 1k, woah!) and on this site (where we hit 10k views not so long ago). It is all very surreal we’ve gotten this far in just a month and it’s all thanks to all of your kindness, love, and encouragement. Please continue to support us and don’t be afraid to give us feedback on our articles, we always love hearing what all of you think!

We have many things in store for all of you and we hope you like what we have put out so far. We have a new look that we are immensely in love with and we hope you are happy with it as well!

We are so excited to announce that we are adding various new contributors to the magazine this time around, and are continuing to read over your submissions and suggestions for the site! We could not be more excited to be working with new photographers, authors, musicians, artists, videographers, and all sorts of creatives! We’re very elated to have new creative minds to work with and are looking forward to bringing you some new ideas and things to think upon!

This is the last editor’s letter that will be done during the end of a month! We are now doing Editor’s letters sometime during the early weeks of the month. We are having an editor’s letter for October and this was just our way of celebrating one month with all of you and ending some old things and starting off with new traditions!  

As a reminder, if you ever have a pitch for a piece for Risen or want to submit as a reader (which can be done anonymously) you can always submit it to us through email at

Again,thank you for everything you’ve done for us. It means the world to the Risen family to be able to share everything with such wonderful, avid readers.

With love,
Pris & Jaz