Ivory King

A song about drug abuse.

by Grey 

When working on my EP "Soft Lightening", I free styled this song called "Ivory King" and it is my favorite song included on the whole EP. The song is about a person who seems to never be overpowered by the drugs they are taking, even though it is destroying them. When I was singing this song, I was thinking about this documentary I had watched featuring english comedian Russell Brand, where he talked about how drug addicts should not be treated like criminals. He broke down the mind of a drug addict and the mentality of the system built around them that only cares about making a profit from their strife. This song in particular was me trying to express the images that ran through my mind while watching that documentary about Russell Brand.

Grey is an 18 year old musician and blogger living in Los Angeles. You can find her blog here and her Instagram here.