Let's Trash Gender Roles!

Up until now, we’ve grown up in a world where people have been subconsciously fed what a man and woman’s role in society is. Let’s take a closer look at these standards and expectations – let’s get into the nitty gritty.

One of the male gender roles society has adopted is the need for boys to irritate girls to get their attention; AND THEN expect them to find it cute and endearing. Truthfully, I don’t know where they would have picked up this idea that this kind of behaviour is acceptable. Maybe it has to do with the phrase ‘Nice guys finish last’. Maybe it’s from the macho movies they are exposed to from a young age. Maybe boys have a little voice in their head telling them that if they annoy that pretty girl, she’ll fall in love with them. I’m not too sure where along the lines of puberty and manhood this became custom, but she probably doesn’t find it as funny as you do. Where is the logic in thinking that if you pull her hair, she’ll be swooning over you; that if you snatch her phone, she’ll want to be your girlfriend; that if you tease her and call her names, she’ll be dreaming of sucking your woohoo. It doesn’t sound that good when it’s all written down, huh? It really isn’t that hard to be a decent dude.

On a different note, another gender role I can’t seem to wrap my head around, is the expectation of women to be the nurturing and caring one in the family unit. Now, it’s not completely wrong to assume this (because females are created with breasts to feed children and a womb to house their unborn for 9 months), but it is ignorant to expect them to be the ONLY parent that is allowed to openly show affection for their child. Those reaction videos of fathers after their child says ‘I love you’, and they either reply with ‘What do you want?’ or stare in disbelief, is exactly what I am talking about. And yes, these videos are humorous, but there is a tinge of realisation in them – realisation of the fact that fathers aren’t told that they are loved enough, and that they are important. Now, you may completely disagree with me and think that there are many openly affectionate dads in the world; that things are completely different to what they were a decade ago – and I completely get you. These are the fathers I want to encourage and support. I want to support putting baby-changing tables in men’s public bathrooms; I want to support having dads being involved in carpools; and I want to support fathers in all aspects of parenthood that are considered a mother’s job.    

Author: Liv