Take notes dear reader, class is starting.

Art by: Caroline Mills

For some, the dread of the ominous sounds of the alarm clock has been conquered and the seconds seem to be ticking by more slowly than ever before. For others, the days are becoming grimmer as the sand slowly slips onto the other side. Whatever side of the spectrum you're one, fear not! We can go through the school year without as much headaches as the last few ones.

Freshmen, welcome to a very loud wake up call, but do not be alarmed! Although middle school is vastly different from high school, that does not mean it's all downhill from here. Procrastination equals stress when you feel like time is slipping right through your fingertips. And last of all, freshmen, please come into high school as yourself. Do not put on a mask and put on an act to please the crowd. You are not in a circus, you are in high school. Coming into high school as yourself will save you so much more energy and time. By being yourself, you will attract people like yourself, people you have things in common with, which is much more enjoyable, I promise you. Always prioritize yourself and your needs. Do not let people treat you like a doormat, you are a person, remember that. 

Stressed? Take a break if you need to. Drink tea. Take a nap. Read a good book. Listen to some music. Go for a run. Do what you need to do to feel better. Put your mental and physical health above school or sports. What good is an A or a touchdown if you can no longer sleep for more than 7 hours or have a day without a mental breakdown? Do not ever be scared to put yourself first. Your life is for you, not for anyone else. Don't lose it over trivial things.

Ignorance is always something you will have to deal with anywhere you go, especially high school. Your beliefs and morals will be questioned, but stand your ground. You will sometimes face whispers and laughs but that does not mean you are the base of a joke, that means you are important enough to be talked about. How to deal with ignorance lies in the word itself, IGNORE. Ignore all ignorance thrown your way and keep doing your thing. 

Last but not the least, you will do a lot of growing these four years. As slow as the days go by, these four years will make you grow fast. Your view points on certain things will change, you yourself will change, and change isn't always bad. You can't stay in the same spot. Get out of your comfort zone, only then will you grow. This year will be a challenge, that's for sure. Every year brings obstacles, but you have survived this before and you will again, just better and with more knowledge this time.

-Jazmine Alcon