Editor's Letter: August 2015

Risen is now in session.

The Birth of R I S E N

Hi, Risen readers!

We’re super excited to be debuting the first month/issue of Risen magazine! We couldn’t be more stoked to share the talent, ideals, and passion that our writers, photographers, and artists all have!

Risen magazine will be bringing you weekly updates about social justice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, about issues going on around the world. We are a group of teens trying to make a difference by educating other teens on social and political matters. With a similar perspective on certain things, as teenagers, our magazine serves as a relatable platform for youths to learn and also teach others. Risen will bring attention to questions asked by readers and will be answered by our team. The magazine will also feature writing pieces, art, film, photography from readers.

If you are a reader that is interested in submitting a piece, please email the Risen staff at risenzine@gmail.com and we will review your piece accordingly! Title the email: "Reader Submission" to avoid confusion with other e-mails. Please note that while we love to see work from our readers, not every reader’s piece will be added. Questions about Risen or social justice issues can also be sent in through the email and we will try our best to answer them. If you wish to remain anonymous for submitting questions or pieces, we will respect that.

Stay Woke,
Priscila and Jazmine