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Why does the Aladdin casting fiasco matter?

Article by: Cia Mangat

Women in Art History: Part Two

image via Travel Innate [image description: the hall of a museum with Women in Art History Part Two written over it in white text] Ar...

No Pride In The State

[Image description: Cartoon-style business man and policeman holding a rainbow flag between them. In thought bubbles, the business man i...

Fever Dream

Photographed by Dajiana Huang A photographic representation of a dream I had once.


Article by: Cia Mangat Art by: Amelia A J Foy

The Hug (From Us)

Project by: Vita, Charis, Nysha, Daniela, Alexis [Image description: A double page spread in a notebook. In the bottom right corner,...

Risen Food: Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

[Image description: A collage of vegetarian and vegan dishes with the title: "Risen Food' and the sub-title as "Vegetarian ...

Mental Health at University: 6 Tips on Self-Care

[Image description: Pencil and watercolour drawing - a person sitting in front of a desk rests their head against both hands. Their br...
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